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  Kim DeSalvo


               I want to be part of your book club!

W riting is a very personal thing for me, and I want to make it personal for you too!


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Sometimes, all you need is a spark. . .

Grace Burton is no stranger to tragedy. When the first one struck, the spark that made her want to live again came in the form of a black Lab mix. When tragedy strikes again and Grace finds herself alone, she sets out on a cross-country journey to rediscover her place in the world. 

At the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country, Grace thinks she's finally found a place where she can truly heal; especially when she bonds with a wounded dog and sparks fly with the man who rescued her. 

Can Grace find joy again, or will a demon from her past catch up to her and steal her chance at happiness? 

Amazon reviews: 

A truly wonderful gift for the dog lover, romantic or suspense lover in your life. This book takes the reader on an emotional and heartwarming journey that will stay with you for a long time afterwards. Set at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the reader also gets a rare insight into one of the most compassionate animal shelters in the world. A lovely, enjoyable and memorable read.

This book pulled me in immediately when I learned that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary was part of the story. Best Friends is NOT a fictional location, and I dream of visiting one day. I could not put the book down, and I felt I was on the journey along with the main character, Grace. She was dealt terrible blows in life and was strong enough to find the courage to live on when many would have given up. Dogs are a key part of this story, and this book totally gripped my heart from page 1. Read Sanctuary when you have time to really devote yourself to the book because you will not want to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I was rooting for Grace to find the spark she thought she'd lost. I highly recommend you read it!!!