I want to be part of your Book Club!

  Kim DeSalvo


               I want to be part of your book club!

W riting is a very personal thing for me, and I want to make it personal for you too!


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I want to be part of your Book Club!

Writing is very personal for me, and I want it to be personal for you,too! Let me know when your book club will be discussing Incidental Happenstance, and I'll do my best to make an appearance--in person, if you're in my area, or on Skype if you're not. Contact me for details!

 Book Club Discussion Topics

  1. 1.  Which character did you most relate to? Were there any characters in the novel who you felt were like you or someone else you know?
  2. 2.  Throughout the novel, did you agree with Tia’s decision to keep Dylan’s identity to herself? Was there a point at which you thought she should have shared his true identity? How would the novel have progressed differently if she had?
  3. 3.  Music is a recurring theme throughout the novel. It was Dylan’s music that helped Tia heal after Nick’s death, and music that helped her and Dylan build a relationship. Discuss the soundtrack of your lives—were there times that music helped you through rough times or defined who you were as people? Whose voice did you hear singing the songs in the book? (more lyrics available here!)

4.  Do you think that a celebrity and an “average” person can forge a lasting relationship? Discuss how the loss of privacy affects the way a person lives. How will Tia’s life change once her relationship with Dylan goes public? Will she be able to handle it?

5.  Dylan tells Tia that there are a lot of perks that go along with being a celebrity, but that there are also a lot of sacrifices. He also has a lot of trust issues. How would being someone in the public eye make it difficult to forge and maintain personal relationships? Do you agree that it would be difficult to know who your real friends are? Are the perks worth the sacrifices?

6.  Dylan and Tia share a common bond in the loss of someone they loved which prompts Dylan to sing “I’ll Pull You Up” for the first time since his sister’s death. Discuss how they helped each other to move on through that mutual understanding, and how it deepens their relationship.

7.  At first, Penelope wants to forge a romance with Dylan for her own gain, but later tells Angela that she wants to be with him “for all the right reasons.” Do you think Penelope is really beginning to change for the better? Is she really in love with him, or is she caught up in her own fantasy?

8.  How do you think other characters in the novel (Tia’s parents, Sean, Ryan, Jace, People at the Country Club) will react when they find out who Tia’s true love really is? Will it change her relationships with any of them?


Ms. DeSalvo creates beautifully detailed scenes in her novel.  I read Incidental Happenstance nearly 2 years ago and can still see settings, conversations and each character vividly. Ms. DeSalvo builds her novel with grace and a writing style that has a quality not usually seen in a typical Romance novel.  I am looking forward to the sequel, as her characters have become real to me and I am anxious to see what happens in their quirky lives.

Dorothy C. Graden

Teacher and Artist, Indiana