I want to be part of your Book Club!

  Kim DeSalvo


               I want to be part of your book club!

W riting is a very personal thing for me, and I want to make it personal for you too!


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About Kim

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I just want to say thanks. Thanks for visiting my website, and for your consideration of my books. I'm really proud of these stories, and hope that you'll enjoy joining Tia and Dylan on their journey.


This whole process, from the first sparks of an idea to publishing my first novel and then writing a sequel, has been quite a journey for me as well. I have realized the dream of becoming an author, and have been amazed at how many amazing people have come along for the ride.


I had so much fun writing Incidental Happenstance--from the beginning, I felt it would be worth the effort even if no one read it. As it progressed, however, I knew that others would enjoy it as well, and that the story deserved an outlet. I never imagined that it would become a best-seller, or that so many people would come to love my characters as I did. So much so, that they asked for a sequel. I hope I have done Tia and Dylan's story justice in InHap*pily Ever After.


I'd truly love to hear your thoughts on the books, and hope you'll take a minute to contact me through my Facebook page or send me an email.  I'd also really appreciate if you'd write a review on Amazon, recommend the book to your friends, and follow me on Twitter. Thanks for making this journey possible--I couldn't do it without you! 


Kim DeSalvo holds a master’s degree in education and works as an elementary school teacher. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and two hairy mutts. She is an avid reader, an environmentalist, and a music lover. Travel is one of her passions, and she enjoys bringing the places she’s visited to life in her writing.


Incidental Happenstance is Kim's first novel. Her readers asked for a sequel, and InHap*pily Ever After is it. Kim's latest novel, Sanctuary, is now available at Amazon. 


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I love this book. It was hard to put it down; I wanted to go on and on. I love the characters: Tia, a broken hearted fragile young woman who needs to find a way to go on with her life, and Dylan, the man every woman wants and the man every man wants to be. Their romance is illogical and fraught with problems of position, distance and those who would see them separated. Incidental Happenstance is on a par withThe Notebook (Sparks) and Love Story (Segal). I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone. Lynne, Wellton, AZ