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               I want to be part of your book club!

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    InHap*pily Ever After



The secret is out, and Dylan is ready to go public with their relationship in a big way. Thanks to the Penelope Valentine scandal, however, it's much bigger than Tia ever anticipated. She's the mystery woman everyone's talking about, and once her identity is revealed, she must step out of her old life and learn to embrace her new celebrity and everything that comes with it. She becomes a media darling overnight, but there are still those who would begrudge her happiness...


Lexi is at first relieved that she no longer has to bear the burden of keeping Dylan's identity to herself, but soon discovers that having it out in the open only creates more complications. Ryan, her fiancé, feels blindsided by her deception, and is struggling to maintain his own identity in the long shadow cast by Dylan Miller. Then there's Bo Collins; the drummer for InHap who feels more for her than he's at first willing to admit. With all the misunderstandings, deceptions, and lies, can Lexi ever hope to find her own InHap*pily ever after?



Author's note: This story picks up right where Incidental Happenstance left off--with Tia and Dylan leaving in the limo to reclaim their lost love. As a reader, I get frustrated when so many pages of a sequel are dedicated to re-telling the original story, and although there are a few reflections along the way, I have chosen not to do much rehashing.

Amazon reviews:

"This sequel did not disappoint!! It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I smiled, laughed and cried both happy and sad tears!!..."

"That smile you have at the end of the book when it's finished. This is that book. It had everything in the book I wanted. I can't wait for Kim's next work."

" And I had to get the tissues out for points in both books. The pure love and devotion...still tearing up thinking about it!! I started it late last night, and just finished!!. .."